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Reclaiming the Clip Earring

Reclaiming the Clip Earring

You don’t have to have piercings to enjoy stylish earrings, and you don’t have to endure pain and discomfort to complete your look with gorgeous clip earrings. Barcs Australia has a stunning selection of clip earrings for every occasion. Let’s take a look at the history of clip earrings, some of our favourite styles, and how to wear them.

Where Did Clips Come From?

Clip earrings can sometimes seem old-fashioned, but in fact, they’re relatively new to the world of jewellery. Pierced earrings have been around for thousands of years – archaeologists have found evidence of pierced earrings from over 4000 years ago – and gone in and out of style through the centuries, clip earrings truly emerged in the late 1800s. In the Victorian era, piercings were considered uncivilised and unsightly, but many women still wanted to accessorise with elegant earrings.

The solution? The clip earring. While already growing in popularity with those who didn’t have pierced ears, clip earrings became a major trend in the first half of the 20th century. As demand grew, designs became creative and elaborate, incorporating pearls and precious stones, before modern materials and manufacturing made elegant earrings more affordable and accessible.

In the later years of the 1900s, pierced earrings came back into fashion, leaving many of us believing that clip earrings are only our grandmother’s heirloom pieces, passed down through the years but rarely, if ever, worn. But clip earrings are still alive and well, and since 1948, Barcs Australia has been a leader in creating gorgeous clip earrings for Australian women.

How to Wear Your Clip Earrings

It may seem simple – just clip them on right? But there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing and wearing clip earrings to ensure a secure but comfortable fit.

Some older clip earrings or vintage-inspired styles may use a screw back, which allows you to gradually tighten the earrings onto your lobe, but modern clip earrings largely use a paddle back, which features a wider clip face to help distribute pressure more evenly and prevent discomfort.

When attaching clip on earrings, gently open the clasp by pulling the lever down and towards you. Position the front of the earring against your lobe, then gently push the lever back up until it clicks into place. Careful movements and even pressure will help protect the clip mechanism from damage and your ears from sharp pain or pressure.

You want a clip earring to fit securely enough that it won’t slide off through the day, but not so tight that it causes pain, pressure, or numbness in your earlobes. If the clip is uncomfortably tight, you may need to adjust the tension in your earrings. Using a small, flat screwdriver, slip the blade under the tension bar on the rear of the clip, and use very small movements to gently lever the bar upwards from the earring. Make sure you test the fit after every adjustment to ensure you don’t over-loosen the earring. Once the clip fits snugly around your earlobe without causing any pain or excessive pressure, you’ll know you have a perfect fit. When removing your earrings, try not to slide or snap them off. Gently opening and closing the clasp will help extend the life of your earrings.

All Barcs Australia clip earrings are designed with comfort in mind and come with either silicone clip covers or a soft rubber pad, providing added cushioning to reduce pressure and allow for a comfortable fit all day long.

Our Favourites!

We have such an extensive range of clip earring options that it’s hard to pick just a few. Whether you favourite sleek and simple metals, elegant pearls and stones, or eye-catching sparkle, we’re sure we have the perfect clip earring for your collection.

For simple style to suit any look, we’d recommend the Grainline Curve Clip On Earrings, available in bright gold- or silver-coloured plating, or try a two-tone look with the Modern Clip On Earrings. If lustrous faux-pearls are more your style, there’s the gorgeous Duo Drop Pearl Clip Earrings, or the Grace Clip Pearl Earrings, featuring glossy pearl drops for a more modern feel.

Add a little clip on colour to your look with the Moulin Earrings, or the gorgeous faceted stone drops of the Crown Clip On Earrings. To complete date night looks or evening dresses, maximise your sparkle with the stunning Gem Cluster Earrings, or the pave stone detailing of the Shimmer Tear Drop Clip Earrings.

Clip earrings aren’t just for your great aunt’s jewellery box. Even if your ears are pierced, clip earrings can be a great option for every collection, perfect for adding quick and easy style and elegance to all your favourite looks. They’re also a perfect gift for loved ones without piercings. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and clip earrings can bring a beautiful finish to anybody’s style.

Searching for a gift, or keen to try clips for yourself? Browse our collection and order now online, or in store at Myer and David Jones.

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